NorTrials centers

Six NorTrials centers will spearhead the effort to bring more clinical trials to Norway.

Illustration doctor

NorTrials will establish dedicated clinical research centers within defined therapeutic areas, in accordance with the assignment from the Ministry of Health and Care Services. Selection of therapeutic areas and preparation of framework for the centers has been done in collaboration between the pharmaceutical/medical device industry and the regional health trusts. Status as a NorTrials center is granted for five years, with evaluation after two years.

Six research centers have been selected as NorTrials centres, approved and adopted by the NorTrials board:

The centers will serve as national contact points for industry sponsored trials, but also act as national network hubs within their therapy areas. The aim is to recruit as many patients as possible and facilitate research in all hospitals, so that patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials regardless of where in the country they live.

Each center receives funding in the order of NOK 2 million annually to finance support functions, accreditation and competence measures. The trials are expected to be fully financed by industry sponsors.