NorTrials Feasibility Portal

NorTrials Feasibility Portal offers access to all Norwegian hospitals, for companies that want to carry out clinical trials in Norway.

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Feasibilities submitted via the NorTrials Feasibility Portal will be forwarded to ​hospitals suitable for performing clinical trials within the relevant area.​ NorTrials Coordinating Unit will follow up requests to make sure they are answered within the given deadline.​​

Contact NorTrials Coordinating Unit if you need help with feasibility or other requests, or have questions about the portal:​​

  1. Online Form

    Sponsor fills in the online form and uploads attachments

    NorTrials Feasibility Portal
  2. Distribution

    NorTrial coordinating unit forwards the form and attachments to relevant hospitals

  3. Follow-up

    NorTrials coordinating unit follows up to ensure that all hospitals reply to the request, either directly to sponsor or via the coordinating unit

  4. Response

    NorTrials coordinating unit sends feedback to sponsor within the given timeline