What is NorTrials?

NorTrials is a partnership between the regional health authorities and the organisations for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, established on assignment from the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The purpose is to make Norway a preferred country for clinical trials on drugs and medical devices and thus give Norwegian patients increased access to new treatment methods through participation in clinical trials.

​NorTrials will contribute to a more efficient infrastructure and increased collaboration on industry-funded clinical trials in Norway.

NorTrials will:

  • Build a professional "One point of entry" to the Norwegian specialist health service for pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies and other sponsors of clinical trials  
  • Promote Norway as an attractive country for Norwegian and international companies, in collaboration with Innovation Norway​, the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI)​​ and the Association of Medical Devices Industry in Norway (Melanor)

NorTrials Cen​tres

Dedicated NorTrials centres have been established at Norway's six university hospitals within therapy areas selected in collaboration with the industry. The NorTrials centres will serve as national contact points for industry-funded clinical trials and ensure broad collaboration between the country's hospitals within the relevant areas.

The NorTrials centres are:

  • NorTrials Cancer: Oslo University Hospital
  • NorTrials Inflammation: Stavanger University Hospital
  • NorTrials Brain Health: Haukeland University Hospital
  • NorTrials Cardiovascular: Akershus University Hospital
  • NorTrials Medical Devices: St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim University Hospital
  • NorTrials Gastrointestinal: University Hospital of Northern Norway

NorTrials was officially launched 20th May 2022.